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We at VTL believe that a passion for music is a passion for life. Music expresses our being, in all of its individuality. Music creates our sense of “place.”

Our own passion for music has brought forth a range of tubed audio components whose aim is to recreate the experience of live music in your home. Your music, your spirit.

The essence of VTL is the marriage of music and technology, expressed in elegant design, attention to detail, value, and reliability. Our goal is to make the experience of music and home theater come alive for you.

12 products
  • Signature MB-450 S3 Monoblock
  • Signature MB-185 S3 Monoblock
  • Signature S-200 Stereo Amplifier
  • Signature TL-6.5 S2 Preamplifier
  • Signature TP-6.5 Phonostage
  • Signature TL-5.5 S2 Preamplifier
  • Performance ST-150 Stereo Amplifier
  • Performance MB-125 Monoblock
  • Performance ST-85 Stereo Amplifier
  • Performance IT-85 Integrated Amplifier
  • Performance TP-2.5i Phono Stage
  • Performance TL-2.5i Preamplifier