Smart Home Control

As more and more technology makes its way into our homes, we often find ourselves struggling to keep up with the seemingly endless supply of remotes and apps needed to get by in our daily lives. Smart home control systems integrate many devices into one, allowing you to enjoy your home without frustration. 

At Trimira there are countless options for how to control your smart home based on your personal preferences - with phone and tablet apps for those on the go, mounted tablets if you worry you'll lose it, or a classic remote control, there's something to fit everyone. If you want to go one step further, why not integrate AI like Alexa or Google Home and use your voice to control your smart home hands-free.

If you want to have control of your home regardless of whether you're inside it, carrying your system wherever you go might be the smart thing to do. Our system apps are easy to use and cover all functions of your home from lighting to security. Don't worry about keeping your interface where everyone can reach it - most systems come with a feature enabling your family to set up profiles for each person, including profiles for cleaners or babysitters with restricted access.

If you appreciate the aesthetic of on-wall switches, our in-house specialists can install access points that look like sophisticated light switches but with extra functions - fully customisable boards allow you to turn off the lights, start your favourite playlist, or kick off your home theatre when it suits you. Choose your labels for a more personalised feel, and choose the functions that suits your family to cater to those you love.