WiFi & Networking

Data Networking

Almost every piece of equipment we bring into our home today has the ability to connect to the internet, but can your network handle this traffic? Segmenting traffic into streams enables you to set priority levels to your devices to ensure your most important technology is never compromised by too much traffic.

Data segmenting diagram represented by driving lanes

Regardless of your current network status, Trimira will be able to improve your connection speed and ensure you're getting the most out of your electronics. We can also provide colour coded, cut to length patch leads to reorganise your data cabinets if they've become congested with too many patch leads.

If you're looking for a complete home installation then you will receive a hard wired data and telephone network to every room using our most cost-effective cable infrastructure, ensuring a variety of services can be shared across the home. Make sure you're making the most of your little ones while they're still little by sharing photo memories and playing their favourite songs across every room, turning your house into a home.

NBN Cabling

With NBN rolling out across Australia, we are seeing that many homes aren't being fitted with the right cables and families are being left without internet for weeks on end. This doesn't need to happen to you, as Trimira's specialists can help you go from no internet to perfect wifi reception from the toilet in no time.

New cabling can also allow you to make weekly/fortnightly backups of your CCTV footage without interrupting Netflix, ensuring your safety without compromising your entertainment.


Cable Management

Hundreds of ugly cables lying around can quickly become an eyesore in your home, which is why a centralised rack system is an important addition to any cabled or automated home. Whether you have audio, video, networking, or security components, Trimira's professional cable-wranglers can turn an unsightly pile of cables into a sleek collection. By centralising your cables you can have complete functionality without compromising on aesthetic, and with a remote system (see our brands here) it will become easier than ever to automate your house.

If your cabling has already gotten out of hand remember that hope is not lost - as well as cabling new houses we will come in to rescue cables that have been left to fall where they may. Don't spend time worrying about what your guests will think, let our professional in-house crew take care of it for you.


Blue wires neatly tied into a rack  Purple wires neatly tied into a rack  Green wires neatly tied into a rack