Home Theatre

Bring the cinema home

Owning a home theatre can be an exciting dream involving projectors, reclining lounge chairs, and pristine audio, but it can be stressful finding a vendor for each part. Trimira allows you to find all your home theatre needs in one place, eliminating the hassle of talking to multiple shops and electricians. The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Plan

Give us a call or head down to the store to consult with our experts on how you want your home theatre to function. Top tip: bringing floor plans and/or pictures of the room will help speed up the consultation and help you explain where you want things.

2. Install

Once we understand your vision, we will work with the necessary contractors such as electricians or architects - as well as our own installation team - to set up your home theatre exactly as planned. If there are any changes to your design you will be alerted, but other than that there's nothing else you need to do - just sit tight!

3. Listen

...That's it. Grab the popcorn, rest your phone on the inbuilt wireless charger in your recliner, and enjoy your brand new home theatre! 

Not satisfied with having to turn on and adjust each element of your home theatre before watching? Automate.