Home Automation

What is home automation?

You've got the TV, the surround-sound speakers, the reclining chair, and now you're ready to enjoy your well-earned home theatre experience. You sit down and adjust your Manhattan sofa to the perfect viewing angle...but you've forgotten to turn off the lights.

What if there was a way to set up your entire room with a press of a button? Or the sound of your voice? Or even just by entering the room? Introducing home automation!

With almost 20 years of home automation experience, Trimira and its sister-store Brisbane SmartHomes can turn the little annoyances in your life into little pleasures - forgot to close the blinds before you got into bed? Simply use your smartphone, tablet, or AI device to close them as well as locking the front door and garage.

Automation isn't just about home theatre.

Having your locks connected to your smartphone or tablet allows you to set a timer to automatically lock all doors in the house when you go to bed, without having to worry that you've forgotten one. Having access to the app also allows you to check each door individually ensuring peace of mind when you leave the house.

Keep your family safe with emergency systems connected to your whole house, such as a fire alarm that rings through speakers in every room and automatically contacts emergency services, while lights turn on to show the way to the nearest exit. Intercom systems allow people to see and hear the person at the door before ever opening the door to strangers, and with the introduction of Control4's new Intercom Anywhere, you can see who is at the door in real time from your smartphone without being in your house and can choose whether or not to remotely unlock the door to let them in.

Automation offers independence to those who need it most.

Those with hearing, visual, or physical impairments may struggle with activities in everyday life, and could benefit greatly from a home that caters to their needs. Those with hearing difficulty may opt for their smartphone or tablet to flash when there is someone at the door, enabling them to open their intercom system and visually check the person before opening the door. Similarly, those with visual impairments could benefit from an alarm on their smart device or AI that notifies them of a visitor, allowing them to check the person via voice on the intercom app before letting them in. People who have suffered a physical injury or have limited mobility can prevent further harm by simply asking Alexa or using their smartphone instead of repeatedly getting up to turn off lights and close blinds. 

If you thrive on routine or you have kids that hate getting up in the morning, automation is what you're after. In just 2 minutes you can set up a morning routine - blinds automatically raise, the radio quietly plays your favourite songs, the AC switches on - and you can do the same for the evening - blinds close, doors lock, AC switches off. You can set these routines to start at a tap of an app or choose a time for them to start automatically every day: it's really that simple!

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