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Dedicated to perfection, Vertere Records offers you the ultimate-quality recordings that Vertere’s world-beating hi-fi deserves. Vertere Records brings together the finest artists, the best engineers and the best equipment, with fanatical attention to detail, to produce our world-class vinyl and digital releases.

"Vertere was the beginning of a new era for me. It set aside ‘commercial’ requirements for product design and was initially an independent R&D project separate from what I was doing at the time. "- Touraj Moghaddam, CEO of Vertere

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4 products
  • Record Player MG-1 MkII Magic Groove
  • SG-1 Super Groove Tonearm
  • DG - 1RP - Dynamic Groove
  • Phono-1 MKll -Phono Preamplifier