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Shunyata Research was founded by former military scientist Caelin Gabriel in 1997 with the goal of designing power-line and cable systems that would eliminate the deleterious effect noise has on high resolution sound and visual imaging systems. Guided by Gabriel’s use of measurement, innovative science and his many patents, Shunyata has grown to become one of the most professionally endorsed cable and power-product manufacturers in the audio/video industry. Shunyata’s factory is located across the Puget Sound from Seattle, in Poulsbo, Washington. Shunyata’s factory has 18,000 sq. feet of work space and offices to support 18 employees, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. Most Shunyata Research products are hand-assembled in Washington by a team of skilled product technicians, while all products are packaged, stored and shipped at Shunyata’s factory. Shunyata Research works with many of the world’s finest retailers in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Best known for using credible science and extreme parts customization to deliver products with the absolute highest performance and value, Shunyata Research has proven instrumental in advancing the state of high performance power conditioning and system cabling.


Due to extreme parts customization, patented science and measurable advances in signal transfer, Shunyata Research products have earned applications within many of the world’s finest recording, mastering and film studios, as well as from esteemed surgeons and hospitals that depend on visual imaging and signal resolution. While many high-end cable and power-product companies point to a media review or magazine award as a sign of accomplishment, Shunyata products have earned global recognition and awards from countless media outlets. Cumulatively, these obvious markers for success place Shunyata Research products in a class by themselves.


Recording and Film Studios, Mastering Engineers and Record producers who work at the forefront of their field are meticulous about every detail related to the fidelity of their work. Capturing the essence of a performer or performance is held to the highest standard and every detail is controlled. Shunyata products have been adopted as references within many of the world’s most legendary systems. In terms of proven success, there can be no greater compliment than from those who’s life’s work is related to perfecting their craft.


5 products
  • Venom Ethernet Cable
  • REFERENCE NR / XC Series v2
  • Denali 6000/S Version 2
  • Venom AU8
  • Everest 8000