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Peter Comeau, head of acoustic design at IAG Group (home to iconic hi-fi brands including Wharfedale, Audiolab and Mission) has over 30 years experience in the hi-fi industry. Peter's efforts and experience within the industry means Quad's original approach to loudspeaker design and creating an authentic experience is achieved - yet with a strong focus on researching new technologies, materials and concepts to enjoy hi-fi and home cinema.

Since Peter Walker founded the business in 1936, all Quad products have displayed an originality in design, born from a full and proper understanding of every aspect of sound reproduction. A world leader in audio amplifier and electrostatic speaker design, Quad has, over the years, made a major contribution to the improvement of sound quality. This contribution has been recognised by awards from around the world including the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in 1978 - the only one ever presented to an audio hi-fi equipment manufacturer.

12 products
  • VA-One+
  • PA-One+
  • Artera Solus Play
  • Quad II-Twenty-Four Phono Pre
  • Quad II-Twenty-Four Pre
  • Quad II-Integrated
  • Quad II-Classic
  • Quad II-Forty
  • Quad II-Eighty
  • Quad Artera Play +
  • Quad Artera Stereo
  • Quad Artera Solus