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Founded in 1975 in Milan, still today, after more than 40 years, Chario is in the very small world of handcrafting companies that totally make their loudspeakers, drivers and cabinet, to meet 100% of the project parameters. Even today, all Chario speakers are designed and made for music lovers, for those who are looking for a transparent reproduction able to avoid any interpretation. Each Chario speaker is immediately recognizable and convertible into concrete sound sensations.
11 products
  • Nobile Bookshelf Speakers
  • Constellation Delphinus MkII
  • Nobile Stand
  • Constellation Cygnus MkII
  • Aviator Amelia
  • Aviator Ghibli
  • Aviator Cielo
  • Aviator Aria
  • Aviator Balbo Centre Speaker
  • Constellation Cygnus
  • Constellation Pegasus