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600 Series Anniversary Edition

The essential loudspeakers for music lovers

Performance evolved.

For 25 years we have poured the same passion for performance in to our most affordable loudspeakers as we have in to our flagship 800 Series Diamond range. We want more people to hear music the way we hear music – as the artist intended. Now, 600 Series has turned 25 – and we are celebrating in style. Introducing the 600 Series Anniversary Edition.

A celebration of sound.

603 S2 Anniversary Edition

The 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the largest and most capable loudspeaker in the 600 Series Anniversary range. A floorstander designed to offer outstanding power, accuracy and musicality. Perfect for larger rooms and also ideal for home theater. Available in a new Oak finish as well as black and white.

An icon enhanced.

606 S2 Anniversary Edition

The new 606 S2 Anniversary Edition takes the award-winning 606 formula and improves upon it. By complementing the Continuum™ cone and Decoupled Double-dome tweeter with an enhanced cross-over design and a beautiful new finish, 606 is now even more appealing to even more music lovers.

Same size, even more detail.

607 S2 Anniversary Edition

Ideal for smaller spaces, the 607 S2 Anniversary Edition uncovers incredible insight and dynamism in your music. Using the same game-changing technologies as its siblings, 607 S2 Anniversary Edition is perfect for enjoying your music or providing surround sound as part of a home theatre system.

Celebrate clarity.

HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition

Powerful enough to partner with 603s and compact enough to fit with any piece of furniture, HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition brings more realism and accuracy to your movie experience.

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