Wilson Audio Watch Dog
Wilson Audio Watch Dog
Wilson Audio Watch Dog
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Wilson Audio Watch Dog

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Wilson Audio

Watch Dog

The WATCH Dog is an ultra-high-performance, compact, passive subwoofer. There’s a widespread myth that since subwoofers operate in the low to subsonic frequency range, the sonic quality of the amplifier used to drive them is not critical. Couple that with the fact that FTC-mandated criteria for power amplifier specifications don’t apply to active subwoofers—a loophole which allows manufacturers to wildly inflate performance claims for what are, in many cases (no pun intended) the severely sub-standard amplifiers built into their subwoofers.

When designing the WATCH Dog, special attention was paid to the driver itself. This proprietary twelve-inch woofer was specifically optimized for the two bottom octaves of the audible bandwidth. The driver features a dual spider design, triangulating its geometry (the third variable being the cone’s surround) such that the high-excursion cone can only move pistonically. 

WATCH Dog Subwoofer Technical Specifications


Woofer 12 inch Dual Spider (30.48 cm)


Sensitivity 89 dB @ 1 watt @ 1m @ 100 Hz Nominal Impedance 8 ohms, minimum 5.6 ohms @ 1 kHz Minimum Amplifier Power 200 watts (for theater applications) Frequency Response 15Hz - 300Hz Room Average Response [RAR]

Overall Dimensions

Height (w/spikes) 26.875 inches, (68.26 cm) Width 18 inches (45.72 cm) Depth 25.125 inches (63.82 cm) Total Shipping Weight (approx) 281 lbs (127.5 kg)
" I can’t imagine anyone being ambivalent about the sound quality. I have found this disc especially good for examining the high-frequency performance of the surrounds and center-channel in comparison to the mains." - Read the full review by Sound Stage here.    "The improvements seem to come with no downside, no boom, no overhang, and no loss of speed. Instead, I experienced a little more hall ambiance and everything had more dimension, weight and just the right level of gravitas." - Read the full review by Part-time Audiophile here. 

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