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Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

Vendor: Wilson Audio
Color: Cobalt Blue
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW - Trimira
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW
Caret Down

Wilson Audio

Sasha DAW

Honouring the Past, Heralding the Future

As we launch the latest Sasha, we at Wilson Audio can’t help but think of Dave’s original WATT/Puppy, which was first launched nearly 30 years ago, and which is the lineal ancestor of the first Sasha. The DAW designation for this Sasha—DAW for Dave Andrew Wilson—is a nomenclative homage to the man who started it all. Introducing the Sasha DAW, a loudspeaker that simultaneously honors the past and heralds the future. 


The Best Materials

The material to which a driver is mounted provides the “launch pad” for cone excursions. Years of empirical listening trials and materials testing, most recently with Wilson’s Laser Vibrometer, have shown that different materials provide optimum baffles for differ- ent drivers. Wilson’s proprietary composite, X-Material, is the ideal material for woofers and tweeters. The research surrounding the original Sasha led to the development of S-Material, designed specifically to increase midrange accuracy and beauty.

Wilson Audio remains at the cutting edge in the world of enclosure composite development. Using the most sophisticated test equipment, not least of which is the human ear, Wilson’s team have raised the bar again with the Sasha DAW. The team’s attention to detail and nuanced approach to enclosure design contributes substantially to Sasha’s unique blend of resolution, dynamic contrast, timbrel accuracy, and musical beauty.



Since the original WAMM, designed in the early 1980s, all of Wilson’s loudspeakers accurately correct the individual drivers in the time domain. Like its bigger siblings, Sasha DAW is a modular design, which allows the drivers to be specifically aligned for each installation.

In the Sasha DAW, a beautiful and functional calibrated “ladder” facilitates extremely fine adjustment within the time domain. For each installation, the mid-range/tweeter module is adjusted in relation to the woofer drivers below, such that the four drivers are precisely aligned for that particular environment.

In the DAW, Wilson has enhanced the user interface of the group-delay mechanism, which now features a knurled knob, enabling the adjustment to be facilitated without tools. Additionally, the woofer baffle is now angled back, which more correctly integrates the bass drivers with the upper module in the time domain.

Other Important Details

The Wilson Engineering Team revisited the binding post. The outgoing binding post, designed entirely in house, set the industry standard for sound quality. Daryl Wilson and Blake Schmutz, Wilson’s lead mechanical engineer, found ways to improve the older connector’s performance and ergonomics. The new binding post is easier to tighten by hand, and also features a banana plug option. Debuting on the Sasha DAW, the new Wilson Audio connector resets the bar for reliability and sonic integrity.

In the DAW, Wilson has enhanced the user interface of the group-delay mechanism, which now features a knurled knob, enabling the adjustment to be facilitated without tools. Additionally, the woofer baffle is now angled back, which more correctly integrates the bass drivers with the upper module in the time domain.

The Resistor Plate Cover is now removable without the aid of tools. It provides easy access to the resistors, which act as an extremely high-quality protection system for the drivers. The resistors also enable the fine-tuning of the driver to blend in those rare installations that benefit from this adjustment. A tempered-glass cover is elegantly integrated into the plate.

Enclose Type Upper Module Rear Vented Midrange, X&S- Material
Enclosure Type Woofer Module Rear Ported Woofer, X- Material
Woofers Two 8 inches (20.32 cm)
Midrange One 7 inches (17.78 cm) 
Tweeter One 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm)
Sensitivity 91 dB (one watt at one meter at 1kHz
Nominal IMpedance 4 ohms / minimum 2.48 ohms @ 85 Hz
Minimum Amplifier Power 25 Watts per channel
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 30 kHz +/- 3 dB room average response (RAR)
Height 44 3/4 inches ( 113.67 cm)
Width 14 1/2 inches (36.83 cm)
Depth 22 15/16 inches (58.26 cm)
Sasha DAW Weight Per Channel 236 lbs (107.05 kg)
System Shipping Weight (approx.) 710 lbs (322.05 kg)


 "Sasha DAW features the best, most inert enclosure, optimized for the lowest possible distortion allowing the full scope of the superb flagship WAMM drivers; from the tweeters’ most airy and delicate highs, to the superb resolution through the mids and down to the power and staggering punch of the lows."

- Read the full review by SoundStage Australia here.

"It’s also perhaps the best way to honour Dave Wilson in a way he would have loved… with one of the best loudspeakers you can own right now!"

- Read the full review here

"As one seasoned listener remarked upon hearing the Sasha DAWs, “Ahhh, Dave’s best product -- Daryl!” That’s quite an epitaph, but then as the DAW so ably demonstrates, Wilson Audio’s future is in the safest of hands."

- Read the full review here

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