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Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2

Vendor: Wilson Audio
Color: Cobalt Blue Satin
Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 - Trimira
Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2
Caret Down

Wilson Audio

Alexia Series 2


A Classic Reborn

 How do you update a classic? By almost any measure, the Alexia has been one of Wilson’s most successful products. The physicians’ maxim of Primum non nocere (first do no harm) certainly applies here. On the other hand, Wilson’s technology has continued to evolve and advance in the areas of drivers, crossover analysis and design, time-alignment accuracy, and composite materials research. 

Time & Sound

Alexia’s modular design, with each of the three drivers mounted in their own individual enclosure, facilitates extremely fine adjustment within the time domain. The midrange and tweeter are adjusted independently of the woofer enclosure such that the three drivers can be precisely aligned for each unique installation. 


Like all recent Wilson designs, the Alexia Series 2 is the beneficiary of Wilson’s state-of-the-art composite research, the heart of which is the laser vibrometer. This measurement tool allows Wilson’s engineers to see minute vibrations—on the order of a billionth of a meter. 

Enclosure Materials

Wilson’s latest breakthrough, W-Material, called such because of its relationship to the development of the new WAMM, possesses remarkable energy dissipation (damping) characteristics heretofore unobserved in any previous composite when combined with W’s extreme rigidity. Wilson’s engineers found that strategically placing W-Material under the modules’ spike support areas greatly reduced unwanted energy at this critical mechanical interface, without in any way compromising the cabinet’s structural rigidity. 


Woofers 8 inches (20.32 cm)
10 inches (25.4 cm) Midrange 7 inches (17.78 cm) Tweeter 1 inch (2.54 cm)


Sensitivity 89 dB @ 1 watt @ 1 meter @ 1 kHz Nominal Impedance 4 ohms / minimum 2.54 ohms @ 85 Hz Minimum Amplifier Power 20 watts per channel Frequency Response 19 Hz – 32 kHz +/- 3 dB Room Average Response [RAR]

Overall Dimensions

Height 53 inches (134.68 cm) w/o spikes Width 15 1/4 inches (38.74 cm) Depth 22 7/8 inches (58 cm) System Weight Per Channel 260 lbs (117.93 kg) Total System Shipping Weight (approx.) 777 lbs (352.44 kg)
"Most notably, the speakers deliver music in a way that invites extended listening and emotional engagement…a deeper connection with the lyrics and the music. You are inspired, moved…a smile or a tear. These experiences are what I crave for, outside of critical listening for reviewing purpose. When I listen for pleasure, I need to feel. And Alexia Series 2 douses me with a pouring of emotions as it reaches into the listening space and resolutely grasps you in her beautiful embrace. For this reason alone—never mind the individual aspects of superiority over Alexia —this is my new reference speaker. This is where technology meets art. The beauty stays; she’s a songstress." - Read the full review by Sound Stage Australia here. 

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