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Vendor: Tannoy Prestige

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Westminster - Trimira


Tannoy Prestige


Key to the Westminster Royal GR Driver is revised material for the main 15in cone and a new 50mm (2.00”) diaphragm for the HF compression driver. The LF/MF cone material remains a paper-pulp base with fibres introduced into the mix to improve the stiffness to weight ratio. While previous flagship Duals were stiffened with natural capoc fibres, the Gold Reference Duals integrate a bespoke Tannoy synthetic fibre that delivers more uniformed mechanical integrity across the entire surface area of the cone. The result is effortless LF performance with outstanding speed and dynamic attack.


At the heart of the Westminster Royal GR Dual, the new 2” compression driver uses an aluminium-magnesium alloy dome heat treated to Tannoy’s exacting specifications. The diaphragm is terminated with a Mylar™ surround, delivering a technically and subjectively significant upgrade over the previous Prestige HF units. Delivering exceptional clarity and articulation throughout the HF range the new unit gives Westminster Royal GR even greater naturalness and presence.


The massive Westminster Royal GR crossover is meticulously hand-made by Tannoy engineers and comprises some of the finest audio components available today. Tannoy’s bespoke ICW ClarityCap™ MR capacitors, low loss laminated core inductors and thick-film resistors are hard-wired into the crossover with silver plated cable and high-silver content solder. The entire crossover board in then Deep Cryogenically Treated, improving the crystal structure of all conductors in the signals path, and leading to sweet, open and incredibly detailed musical performance.


The glorious Westminster Royal GR cabinet is hand built from the finest birch plywood by Tannoy’s most experience cabinet makers, each cabinet weighing close to 140kg when finished. The complex, compound horn design and curved front baffle allow the 15in Dual to ‘breath’ like no other Prestige model, delivering truly real-world dynamics and musical integrity. The luxury oiled-wood walnut veneer on panels and inlays, the gold trim and return of the classic Tannoy lightning strike logo exude the regal class of bespoke furniture.


With its new 15in Dual, DCT crossover and new terminal panel featuring the latest WBT NextGen™ WBT-0703 speaker posts, the Westminster Royal GR delivers musical engagement with the same breath-taking scale as its visual splendour. With Tannoy’s High Frequency Power Switch for fine tuning HF output and a matching woven-cloth grille, the Westminster Royal GR can be integrated into a wide range of rooms and décor. The Westminster Royal GR is an effortlessly capable loudspeaker that honours the decades of Dual Concentric technology but also of Tannoy the brand. The Westminster Royal GR is set to become a true Tannoy classic.

Maker Tannoy Brand
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United Kingdom
Date Produced 1989-1999
(H × W × D)
  • 1395mm × 980mm × 560mm 54.92" × 38.58" × 22.05"
Weight 138kg
Frequency Response 18Hz-22kHz (±3dB)

Additional Specifications

Driver 15" Dual Concentric (3889/W) AlNico Magnet (Alcomax 3), Pepperpot Waveguide, Girdacoustic Struts Woofer: Paper Cone, Girdacoustic Struts, 2" Voice Coil Treble: 2" Aluminum Alloy
Impedance (Nominal)
Impedance (Minimum) 5.5Ω
Sensitivity 99dB/2.83V/1m
Recommended Amplifier Power 50W-200W
Power Rating (RMS) 120W
Power Rating (Peak) 500W
Maximum SPL (1m, 120WW RMS) 120dB
Maximum SPL (1m, 500W Peak) 126dB
Crossover Frequency 300Hz (Acoustic), 1kHz 1st Order, P/N 1109
Enclosure Type Compound Horn
Enclosure Volume 530l
Enclosure Composition 25mm Birch Plywood, Solid Walnut Trim
Finish Walnut


Input (Bi-Wired) Connector: Binding Post (Universal)


Treble Energy (Shelving) (1kHz-20kHz)
Treble Roll-Off (Slope) (5kHz-20kHz)
+3dB/-6dB per octave


The Westminsters throw the biggest sound stage I’ve ever heard in a two-channel rig up to this point."

- Read the full review here.

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