Philips Dynalite DMC4 – Multipurpose Modular Controller
Philips Dynalite DMC4 – Multipurpose Modular Controller
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Philips Dynalite DMC4 – Multipurpose Modular Controller

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Philips Dynalite

DMC4 – Multipurpose Modular Controller

The Philips Dynalite DMC4 provides multichannel control via four interchangeable modules. The device is available with a variety of control modules to handle various load types and capacities. The DMC4 is available in CE and UL certified variants.

• Single controller solution – Control a multitude of load types from one device, suited to any segment requiring lighting or relay control.

Phase-cut dimmer module – Selectable per channel for leading or trailing edge output. Compatible with most dimming loads.

Signal dimming module – Suitable for controlling 1-10V, DSI and DALI broadcast drivers. Built-in relays remove power when channel level is at 0%.

Relay control module – Suitable for controlling most types of switched loads.

Flexible mounting solution – Surface or recess mountable enclosure.

Passive cooling – Fanless design reduces noise, power consumption and maintenance costs.

Item  Specification  Details
Input Voltage 120/208, 230/400, 277/480 VAC (+10% / -15%)
3-Phase, 4-Wire (Y), or Single Phase
IEC Overvoltage Category III
Input Current 63A per phase for 3-phase supply, or single phase 63A max
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
DyNet DC Supply 12/24VDC (selectable) @ max 200mA (Class 2)
DMD310-CE*: 3 x 10A 1-10 V, DSI or DALI broadcast
DMD316-CE*: 3 x 16A 1-10 V, DSI or DALI broadcast
1-10V: 50mA sink/source, max 100 drivers per channel
DALI/DSI:  16VDC 130mA nom.
     max drivers: 64 per channel (192 per module)
     max current: 190mA per channel
Electrical      (No external DALI power supply permitted)
DMP310-GL-CE*: 3 x 10A Leading/Trailing Edge dimming.
Maximum module output 14A
Current limited to 4.3A per channel at 277V
DMP603-GL-CE*: 6 x 3 A Leading/Trailing Edge dimming
Maximum module output 14 A
Current limited to 1.7 A per channel at 277
Control Modules DMR310-CE*: 3 x 10A relay (lighting and resistive load),
1HP (120/230/277V) (motor load)
DMR316-CE*: 3 x 16A relay (lighting and resistive load),
1HP (120V), 2HP (230/277V) (motor load)
DMR610-GL-CE*: 6 x 10 A switched outputs:
120-277 V (lighting and resistive load)
1HP (120 V), 2 HP (230/277 V) (motor load)
Max. continuous output per phase: 16 A 120-277 V
* Line, Neutral for each channel
Conductor size 1 x 16 mm² (AWG6)
Inrush current rating: 500 A for 200 µs
One RS-485 DyNet serial port
(1 x 5-way pluggable screw terminal + 3 x RJ-12 sockets)
One DMX512 Rx port
Communication Module Four programmable dry contact AUX inputs (non-isolated)
One UL924 trigger input†
Service switch
Control Diagnostic LED
Channel override keypad
† This function must only be used with systems complying to UL924, and must not be used with any other system.
Diagnostic Functions Device online/offline status
Channel on/off/faulty status
DyNet Watchdog
Physical Supply Module Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Neutral Max conductor size 1 x 16 mm² (#6 AWG) Earth link bar provided
Dimensions (H x W x D 540mm x 380mm x 103mm
DMC4-CE 13.7 kg
DMD31X-CE 1.8 kg
Packed Weight DMP310-GL-CE 2.1 kg
DMP603-GL-CE 2.3 kg
DMR31X-CE 1.7 kg
DMR610-GL-CE 1.9 kg
DCM-DyNet 0.8 kg
DSM4-XX 1.25 kg
Construction Galvanized steel case with powder coated front covers
Operating Conditions Temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) ambient
Humidity:  0 to 95% non-condensing
IEC Pollution Degree II
Storage & Transport Temperature:  -25 to 60°C (-13 to 140°F) ambient
Humidity:  0 to 90% non-condensing
Certification Certification CE, RCM, RoHS
High SCCR 22 kA @ 277 VAC (UL67)
Options & Ordering Naming Format DMC2-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666109)
DMD310-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666609)
DMD316-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666709)
DMP310-GL-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666809)
DMP603-GL-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703668509)
DMR310-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666409)
DMR316-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666509)
DMR610-GL-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703668209)
DCM-DyNet (Philips 12NC – 913703666209)
DSM4-XX (Philips 12NC – 913703668009)
RCBO modules DMD310-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703667109)
DMD316-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703667209)
DMP310-GL-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703667309)
DMP603-GL-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703668609)
DMR310-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703666909)
DMR316-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703667009)
DMR610-GL-RCBO-CE (Philips 12NC – 913703668309)

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