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Philips Dynalite DDMC802 – Multipurpose Controller

Vendor: Dynalite
Philips Dynalite DDMC802 – Multipurpose Controller - Trimira
Philips Dynalite DDMC802 – Multipurpose Controller


Philips Dynalite

DDMC802 – Multipurpose Controller

The DDMC802 is an eight-channel controller with a maximum load per channel of 2A. A variety of output modules are available to suit different types of loads and the DDMC802 can accept up to eight plug-in modules, which by their removable design also facilitate ease of servicing.

• Single controller solution specifically suited to residential and hotel applications — Control a multitude of load types from one device.

• Trailing edge phase control dimmer module — Suitable for use with most types of dimmable electronic transformers.

• Leading edge phase control dimmer module — Suitable for use with incandescent lamps and some types of dimmable electronic transformers.

• HF driver control module — Suitable for controlling 0-10V and digital drivers and transformers. An additional relay control module is required to be paired when controlling 0-10V drivers.

• Relay control module — Suitable for controlling most types of switched loads.

• Fan control module — 400 VA fan control module.

• Curtain control module — Provides control of curtains, blinds and other window treatments.

• Flexible mounting solution — A DIN-rail mountable device, designed to be installed into the distribution board supplying power to the controlled circuit.

Item Specification Details
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase @ 10 A
DyNet DC Supply 15VDC @200mA (supply for approx 8 user interfaces)
Outputs 8 x dimmed outputs leading edge phase control @ 1A resistive load or 100W LED load per channel. Maximum device load is 8A
Protection 1 x internal 6.3A time delay fuse for each group of 4 output channels
Electrical Regulating Device Triac – 20A, 600V, 200A surge
Power Conditioning Regulated Outputs[/row]Over Voltage Protection – Surge Protection – Brownout – Sag Protection – Soft Start – 16 Bit Fade Resolution – Active Load – Active Phase Angle firing compensation
Control Input/Outputs One DMX512/RS-485 Dynet serial port – One programmable dry contact AUX input
Control User Controls Channel Overide – Service Switch – Service Indicating LED
Diagnostic Functions Circuit run time tracking on each channel – Device online/offline status
Dynet Terminations 2 x RJ12 modular jack and 6 way scre terminals
Supply Terminals 2 x 2.5mm or 1 x 4mm conductor size LINE, NEUTRAL, EARTH
Output Terminals LINE, NEUTRAL for each channel – 2 x 2.5mm or 1 x 4mm conductor size
Cooling System Naturally ventilated, no forced cooling, no maintenance
Physical Dimensions (HxWxD) 93mm x 215mm x 64mm
Packed Weight 0.69 kg
Construction Polycarbonate DIN-rail enclosure (12 unit)
Operating Conditions Temperature: -5 to 40° C ambient – Humdity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Storage & Transport Temperature: -25 to 70° C ambient – Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Certification Certification CE, C-Tick
Options & Ordering Standard Product DDLE801 (Philips 12NC – 913703061509)

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