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Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Floorstanding Speaker White

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Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Floorstanding Speaker White - Trimira
Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Floorstanding Speaker White


Bowers & Wilkins

801 D4 Floorstanding Speaker

 The loudspeaker that sets the standard other high-end designs will be judged by for years to come. Endowed with every new technology the 800 Series Diamond has to offer, the reference-quality 801 D4 is an instant icon.

40 years of excellence

Innovation. 801 D4 is defined by it. In each of its incarnations over the decades, 801 has always been the most advanced loudspeaker that we know to make at that particular point in time, a showcase of all our newest technologies and most original thinking. Small wonder it has become an icon.

The ultimate Matrix

Matrix bracing uses interlocking panels to reinforce loudspeaker cabinet walls in all directions internally, reducing resonance and creating a more believable soundstage. The Matrix assembly in 801 D4 is our best yet, upgraded with extensive aluminium bracing to reinforce key stress points.

Turbine Head

The all-aluminium Turbine Head houses our Continuum midrange cone in a stiff and critically damped enclosure to eliminate unwanted resonances. At the same time, it’s decoupled from both the bass enclosure and the tweeter body. The result? The most realistic midrange sound yet.


Biomimetic Suspension

Sometimes, making a big difference takes unconventional thinking. Our new Biomimetic Suspension revolutionises midrange performance by greatly reducing the unwanted air pressure and coloration that a traditional fabric spider can generate. The result? Midrange transparency you wouldn’t believe.


The science of sound

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We question, we examine, we understand and then we evolve. We use computer modelling to explore and reimagine every aspect of loudspeaker design. Learn more about all the technologies that combine to make 800 Series Diamond so special here.

The state of our art

801 D4 is our flagship and the most powerful model in the new 800 Series Diamond range. Its no-compromise design includes all our most advanced technologies in their purest, most optimised form alongside crossover components of the highest quality. You want our reference loudspeaker? This is it…


Technical Features

Diamond tweeter Solid body

Tweeter-on-Top Continuum cone FST™

Anti-Resonance plug

Biomimetic Suspension Turbine Head Matrix™

Aerofoil cone bass units Flowport™

Description 3-way vented-box system
Drive units

1x ø25mm (1in) diamond dome high-frequency

1x ø150mm (6in) Continuum cone FST™ midrange

2x ø250mm (10in) Aerofoil cone bass units

Frequency Range 13Hz to 35kHz
Frequency response (+/-3dB from reference axis)  15Hz to 28kHz
Sensitivity (on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)   90dB
Harmonic distortion 

2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB,1m on axis)

<1% 30Hz – 20kHz

<0.3% 100Hz – 20kHz

Nominal impedance  8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)
Recommended amplifier power  50W – 1000W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
Max. recommended cable impedance  0.1Ω

Height: 1221mm

Width: 451mm

Depth: 600mm

Net weight  100.60kg
Finishes  Cabinet: Gloss Black Satin Rosenut Satin Walnut White 

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