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Aavik R-580 Phono Preamplifer

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Aavik R-580 Phono Preamplifer - Trimira
Aavik R-580 Phono Preamplifer


Statement RIAA Phono Pre-Amplifier

Audiophiles love the sound of vinyl – The challenge is to treat subtle sonic signals with utmost care.
The Aavik range of phono stages have been developed to tease out the natural flow of music that is so typical of a vinyl-based sound source. Aavik conducted extensive research to gain a deeper understanding of the major challendes associated with turntable and cartridge systems. This research shaped the platform for the engineering solutions embedded in the Aavik phono stages.

The key strength of the Aavik RIAA is the sonic isolation of the ultra-low signals that emanate from the vinyl source, and the filtering out of any disturbing outside noise and vibration.

The Aavik RIAA section is based on a discrete, floating, balanced, ultra-low noise bipolar input circuit. The topology of a moving coil cartridge is a floating, balanced signal generator and Aavik has maintained this topology throughout the phono stage design.

The input circuitry allows use of ultra-low noise bipolar transistors. By paralleling several transistor pairs, Aavik has created an absolutely quiet input section. The phono stage has 62 dB gain, and the cartridge loading is adjustable from 50 Ohm to 5 kOhm. The signal to noise ratio is 94 dB measured at 1 kHz. The Aavik R range of phono stages will let you explore the amazing details and musical depths of your vinyl collection.

It was important to Aavik to facilitate extensive cartridge loading adjustment functionality so that each phono stage could be a perfect match for any MC cartridge. To get the highest efficiency from your turntable pick-up, the impedance can precisely be adjusted according to the individual MC cartridge.

The R-580 is the third model in the Aavik Phono Stage range and is the flagship model designed to deliver ultimate performance. This is not a mass-produced piece of electronics made somewhere in a low cost labour country. This is a bespoke piece of exquisite high end audio equipment, handmade in Denmark by a small team of people who are setting new standards in quality music reproduction. There are technologies used in the R-580 that you will simply never experience elsewhere.

What does ‘ultimate performance’ mean when referring to phono stages? A phono stage has a simple job to do in theory but it is very difficult to execute in practice. It needs to take a very weak signal that contains a lot of precious information and amplify it so that it is strong enough to be further amplified up the amplification chain. However, handling signals at such low magnitudes with integrity and delivering them to the next amplifier without a loss of information or without an addition of noise or interference is VERY difficult. The most difficult challenge is to keep a whole range of electrical phenomena collectively known as ‘noise’ away from the signal and this is what Aavik and their sister company Ansuz-Acoustics™ do better than anybody. This is their specialisation.

So if signal integrity is important to you, if you want to achieve a sound with as much of the original musical information intact and the least amount of elctro-mechanical artefacts, then the R-580 is for you and it will deliver a soundstage, realism, energy, rhythm & tonality that is simply jaw dropping.

Aavik Copper Inner Chassis

Unique Technology


Aavik heavily draw on the experience and extensive R&D of their sister company, Ansuz-Acoustics™. They employed their groundbreaking, effective noise cancelling technologies and fitted all models of their new range of electronics with Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti aerial resonance coils. These innovative technologies are geared towards paving the way for an absolutely unconstrained signal flow. Aavik has also prepared the top and bottom surfaces on all Aavik series to best accommodate Ansuz Darkz™, which represent the most effective way of preventing mechanical vibrations.


The new Aavik series is designed to ensure massive power resources with ultra-low noise. Unlike the square waves used by conventional switch mode power supplies, the new Aavik series boast a resonant mode design which is principally driven by sine waves. When more power is needed, the operating frequency increases, which, in turn, has the advantage that the power density also increases, thus allowing higher peak power when required by the music.
The noise floor in the raw power supply is extremely low but could be even further lowered by the ultra-low noise regulators supplying the different parts of the circuit. The noise of these regulators is measured in a few microvolts respectively nanovolts, which is significantly lower than the noise level of conventional regulators.


The Aavik design language is Scandinavian understatement and expresses simplicity and minimalism featuring only a few buttons for logical operation. The multifunctional main knob allows simple navigation and control of the various functions. A distinguishing design feature of the new Aavik series is a huge red display, which makes it easy to read all details of the selected operational settings.


Aavik have designed the enclosure to minimise the use of aluminium and its associated mechanical resonance. Over the years, Aavik have been testing various materials and ultimately designed an innovative natural-based composite material, which reduces the mechanical influence, particularly the hysteresis. The sonic result is distinctly audible and reflects a further prominent cornerstone in Aavik’s quest for the ultimate music experience.


The R-580 incorporates a pure copper inner chassis which mitigates the effect of hysteresis. Hysteresis is commonly accepted as a phenomenon that designers have to live with but Aavik decided to tackle it directly, which is difficult and expensive to do. This technology is unique to Aavik and results in ultimate clarity and unrestrained signal flow. Once you’ve heard the difference, your brain acceptes the new possibility and it is difficult to go back to traditional chassis technologies.

Aavik R580

The Aavik Phono Stage Range

Aavik have produced 3 levels of performance within the acclaimed R-180, R-280 and R-580. The R-180 represents great value with a high-end performance capability beyond its price level. The R-280 adds significantly more noise deduction techologies resulting in an even lower noise floor (quieter background), resolution and accuracy. The R-580 introduces the unique copper inner chassis, Titanium level resonance control, and the maximum Ansuz Acoustics resonance mitigation technology, taking performance to a statement level.

aavik phono stage - difference between 180, 280 and 580 models


AAVIK 180, 280, 580 Series Quick Promotional Video

Ansuz Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Company Tour Pt. 2, tour the factory, making the amplifiers


Hi-Fi Statement Magazine, Dirk Sommer, 2021 The Aavik R-580 doesn’t offer very much in terms of equipment features, but it’s the lowest noise phono stage I have ever heard. It even makes the fine Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold suitable for everyday use – something I haven’t experienced before. And more importantly, the R-580 inspires all the cartridges I’ve combined it with to sonic excellence. The Aavik enthrals with its dynamics, its fantastic detailing and its generous spatial imaging: a forthright step on the way to analogue heaven! Read Review


HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021


Type Phono Stage Amplifier
Phono Floating RCA (1 set)
Max input: 5mVrms
Gain 65dB @ 1 kHz
Load-impedance adjustable from 50 ohm to 10k ohm
Frequency Response +/-0.5 dB (20-20 kHz)
Output 1 pair of RCA outputs
Distortion: <0.005% (THD at 1kHz, 0.5mV input)
Output impedance: 120 ohms
Aavik Noise Reduction Active Tesla Coils: 108
Active Square Tesla Coils: 248
Dither circuitry: 11
Power consumption Standby <0.5W
On <10W
Dimensions 102 x 384 x 380mm
Weight 7.3kg

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