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Aavik I-280 Integrated Amplifier

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Vendor: Aavik
Aavik I-280 Integrated Amplifier - Trimira
Aavik I-280 Integrated Amplifier


Reference Integrated Amplifier

The Aavik I-280 integrated amplifier receives the inputs from your individual Hi-Fi devices and transforms these signals into an authentic musical experience. Therefore, the architecture of the new Aavik integrated amplifier boasts sophisticated high-end electronic components set in a state-of-the-art enclosure. Based on ample power supplies, the Aavik amplifier provides unprecedented dynamic speed, tight control and balanced stability, which creates persuasive and crystal clear soundstage images that express even the finest sonic details. The Aavik I-280 integrated amplifier represents great value with solid engineering principles and outstanding sonic capabilities. By combining the technologies described below, this exceptional amplifier is super-quiet and posesses a rare talent for extracting detail you never knew existed in your recordings.


Aavik utilises the patented UMAC™ amplifier technology. This technology was developed to avoid the design flaws of traditional switching amplifiers. UMAC technology primarily targets two areas of modulated amplifier design. The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) generation is produced with sine wave modulation rather than the more common triangle modulation. The benefit is that sine waves create far less high frequency noise than triangles, no sharp corners, and thus require far less inductive filtering at the output. The lower inductance in the output gives the amplifiers a much better damping factor and thus a distinctly better control of the speakers. In addition, the advanced dual mixed mode feedback allows damping factors that are characteristic of only the very best linear amplifiers.

Aavik amplifier


The Aavik line stage boasts a unique, inverted, virtual GND (Ground) amplifier topology, which provides the highest stability. The feedback gets so powerful that it allows to damp the signal to a gain lower than 1. This preserves the full signal with the lowest Signal to Noise Ratio – no matter if you turn the volume up or down. This will provide your loudspeakers with a clear and distinct information flow to make even the finest details of timbral and textural nuances audible on an extremely quiet sound stage.

Aavik Volume Control


Aavik heavily draw on the experience and extensive R&D of their sister company, Ansuz-Acoustics™. They employed their groundbreaking, effective noise cancelling technologies and fitted all models of their new range of electronics with Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti aerial resonance coils. These innovative technologies are geared towards paving the way for an absolutely unconstrained signal flow. Aavik has also prepared the top and bottom surfaces on all Aavik series to best accommodate Ansuz Darkz™, which represent the most effective way of preventing mechanical vibrations.


The new Aavik series is designed to ensure massive power resources with ultra-low noise. Unlike the square waves used by conventional switch mode power supplies, the new Aavik series boast a resonant mode design which is principally driven by sine waves. When more power is needed, the operating frequency increases, which, in turn, has the advantage that the power density also increases, thus allowing higher peak power when required by the music.
The noise floor in the raw power supply is extremely low but could be even further lowered by the ultra-low noise regulators supplying the different parts of the circuit. The noise of these regulators is measured in a few microvolts respectively nanovolts, which is significantly lower than the noise level of conventional regulators.


The Aavik design language is Scandinavian understatement and expresses simplicity and minimalism featuring only a few buttons for logical operation. The multifunctional main knob allows simple navigation and control of the various functions. A distinguishing design feature of the new Aavik series is a huge red display, which makes it easy to read all details of the selected operational settings.


Aavik have designed the enclosure to minimise the use of aluminium and its associated mechanical resonance. Over the years, Aavik have been testing various materials and ultimately designed an innovative natural-based composite material, which reduces the mechanical influence, particularly the hysteresis. The sonic result is distinctly audible and reflects a further prominent cornerstone in Aavik’s quest for the ultimate music experience.

The Aavik Integrated Amplifier Range

Aavik have produced 3 levels of performance within the acclaimed I-180, I-280 and I-580. The I-180 represents great value with a high-end performance capability beyond its price level. The I-280 adds significantly more resonance control techologies resulting in an even lower noise floor, resolution and accuracy. The I-580 introduces the unique copper inner chassis, Titanium level resonance control, and the maximum Ansuz Acoustics resonance mitigation technology, taking performance to a statement level.

aavik integrated amplifiers - difference between 180, 280 and 580 models


Aavik 180 Series—Danish High End Components


Low Beats, Frank Borowski, 2021 It is now the second time that Børresen creations turn my hi-fi world upside down…. Already the I180 is a stunner in terms of speaker control and dynamics. Unbelievable how good this small, elegant amp is… The new Aavik amps offer other very strong selling points beyond their thrilling sonic capabilities. From the imitable housing technology in a living room-friendly format, to almost inexhaustible power reserves with the best energy efficiency, absolute low noise / hum, pleasantly pleasant operation, a perfectly readable display…. Either way, the new Aavik components are a breath of fresh air in the high-end segment. This is what innovative, progressive hi-fi looks like to me. Read Review Audiodrom, 2021 Those who expect analytic and etched sound from the Aavik’s Class D integrated may be disappointed. Though the highs may not have the delicacy of the best Class A amplifiers, they are not digital. In fact, there is a lot of creaminess to how the I-280 sounds. Still, I assume that the I-280 was designed to become a part of a full Aavik-Ansuz-Boressen ecosystem. The very fact that it is a bare amplifier – with no DAC, a phono or a headphone amp, streaming, or a DSP – makes it quite expensive. Also, the absence of the balanced XLR connections may remove it from some shortlists. However, if you are looking for plenty of power (2 x 300W/8 ohms, 2 x 600W/4 ohms) in a fresh-looking integrated package then it will not disappoint. Read Review Chinese Review (English Version), 2021 The sound is warm, clear and natural. The I-280 won’t sacrifice clarity, detail, spaciness, and micro dynamics to produce a rich sound. The overall performance is clear, natural, and swift without straying towards a highly warm tone. Read Review


HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021


Type Integrated Amplifier
Line Gain (line 1-4: 5-15dB; maximum input 4.5V RMS
Gain (line 5: 1-11dB; maximum input 6.5V RMS
Input impedance 10K Ohm
Pre-amp Output 1 pair of RCA output
Max output: 7.5Vrms
Distortion, line stage: <0.005% (THD at 1kHz, 1V input)
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Volume Control 76 1dB steps
Output 2 x 300W 8 Ohm, 2 x 600W 4 Ohm
Distortion (THD+N): <0.006% (1-100W, 1kHz, 8 Ohm
IMD: <0.002% (1-100W, 4 Ohm)
TIM: <0.008% (1-100W, 4 Ohm)
Aavik Noise Reduction Active Tesla Coils: 72
Active Square Tesla Coils: 168
Dither circuitry: 8
Anti-Aerial Resonance Coils: 4
Power consumption Standby: <0.5W
Idle: <50W
Dimensions 102 x 384 x 400mm
Weight 9.0kg

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