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The JBL Synthesis® SDEC-3000 Digital Equalizer's Main Features Include: 

  • Digital Audio Signal Processor
  • 8-Channel Input, 8-Channel Output
  • More than 250-Band Parametric EQ
  • Speaker Distance-Time-Correction
  • Screen-Compensation
  • Ethernet Controlled

Fully balanced SDEC EQ is now possible with the S3000XLRIC from input to output when using the SDP40HD and the S820 or S7165 amplifiers with balanced connections on XLR and Phoenix terminals. Main Features for the S3000XLRIC Include:

  • Phoenix to XLR, Phoenix to mini-mono trigger adaptor
  • Each wire is numbered for easy installation
  • Specially designed for Synthesis® systems
  • Low-noise quad wire with full braid shield
  • Eight Input Interconnects, Seven Output Interconnects
  • One Subwoofer Dual Output Interconnect
  • One Screw Down Phoenix to DIN Trigger adaptor
  • Three DIN cables