B&W 802 D3

A homage to the late David Wilson, the Sasha DAW builds from the original Sasha while completely redesigning key aspects.

Using two small drivers allows the Sasha DAW to optimise both the dynamic impact as well as the bass extension, resetting the bar for transient honesty and impact.

When all the pieces are put together it creates a speaker that delivers such precision you would think your favourite musicians are playing just for you. Sit back and enjoy the brand new world of audio that the Sasha DAW has to offer.

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The first iteration was the WATT, Wilson's home project that took the audio world by storm. The WATT's success pushed Wilson to create the original Sasha, similar to the WATT but with a single integrated speaker design. After Wilson's passing, his son decided to honour his father by creating the Sasha DAW, the latest audio masterpiece.

"Their products aligned with the preferences and biases of countless music lovers around the world who valued the designs’ signatures of powerful bass, excellent detail resolution, agile dynamic expression and the spatial ‘openness’ associated with Wilson Audio designs."

Soundstage! Australia

"The DAW’s sound extremely even-handed and pure, especially in the upper range, the tweeter and midrange integrating wholly seamlessly and with absolutely zero coloration, yet, the sound was organic and texturally rich. Being Wilsons, of course, they still have big bass, along with a slight preference for sounding extra energetic in the midbass, but that might just as well have been the room."

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