B&W 802 D3

A homage to the late David Wilson, the Sasha DAW builds from the original Sasha while completely redesigning key aspects.

Using two small drivers allows the Sasha DAW to optimise both the dynamic impact as well as the bass extension, resetting the bar for transient honesty and impact.

When all the pieces are put together it creates a speaker that delivers such precision you would think your favourite musicians are playing just for you. Sit back and enjoy the brand new world of audio that the Sasha DAW has to offer.

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Available in more than 12 vibrant colours, the Sabrina is sure to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. With tolerances in design as stringent as +-0.2%, you know your speaker will be in pristine condition - demo in store to hear the quality

"There are lots of good loudspeakers. Some are very good. But the Wilson Audio Sabrina is something special. Even in the context of the track record of Wilson Audio, this is above the norm. This is quite simply one of the most enjoyable loudspeakers at any price I’ve heard in a long time and comes extremely highly recommended for anyone who takes their music seriously. Wow!"


"The Sabrina provided some of the finest listening sessions I’ve ever had, and to top it off, it’s incredibly well priced. As I size up the competition, the Sabrina is unsurpassed in the medium-to-smaller listening space. I consider this sweetheart (pound for pound) the best Wilson Audio loudspeaker available today.."

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