Silver Momentum Monoblock with green glowing dial and rose gold accents
Inside view of silver Momentum Monoblock
Side view of silver Momentum Monoblock showing black lines as pattern

Momentum Monoblock

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Dan D’Agostino has always had a relentless desire to better his own creations, no matter how flawless they may seem. With its 5.5-kilowatt power supply feeding roughly 100 output devices, the Relentless Monoblock easily delivers 1,500 watts into 8 ohms, and when connected to a 220-volt outlet, it doubles its output to 3,000 watts into 4 ohms and 6,000 watts into 2 ohms. All the while, Relentless maintains the same musical composure it offers at a mere 1 watt.

The entire chassis of the Relentless Monoblock is machined from solid aluminum, for superior shielding, thermal stability, and vibration damping. High-precision milling allows the entire chassis to fit together solidly with no visible fasteners. A new power meter, designed specially for Relentless, measures more than 8 inches in diameter. The meter’s range and response automatically adjust to the level of the incoming signal, making it easy to read no matter how quiet or loud the musical passage.

In keeping with the tradition begun with the Dan D’Agostino Audio Systems Momentum amplifiers, the Relentless Monoblock offers a single XLR balanced input. Speaker connections are made using massive binding posts made from gold-plated brass.

Just as Dan D’Agostino has been relentless in his pursuit of perfection, the Relentless Monoblock has been designed and built to the absolute highest, most exacting standards.