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M-DAC Mini

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Since the launch of the original M-DAC in 2011, Audiolab’s range of standalone DACs has earned widespread acclaim and a host of awards from respected audio journals around the world. Last year’s arrival of the range-topping M-DAC+ and an all-in-one DAC/amp called the M-ONE extended the family by building upon the same award-winning technology.

Now another contender has entered the ring, the fourth model in the M-DAC range: The M-DAC mini. As the name suggests, the M-DAC Mini is the smallest hi-res DAC/headphone amp in the range.

"The M-DAC Mini is delightfully balanced, with plenty of detail exposing the texture of Kristian Matsson’s vocal just as it does the tonal differences in close- and room mics. There’s momentum, too, in strummed and picked guitar lines alike, allowing them their lilting airiness without forgoing any drive. It’s a superbly spacious, yet cohesive, performance, one where luscious solo lines are allowed to breathe while remaining tethered to the rest of their family."