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K-Movie Pack 5.1 Speaker Pack

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Vendor: M&K Sound
Choice of Subwoofer: V8

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K-Movie Pack 5.1 Speaker Pack - Trimira
K-Movie Pack 5.1 Speaker Pack
Caret Down

M&K Sound

K-Movie Pack 5.1 Speaker Pack


Miller & Kreisel K-Movie 5.1 system saves on space, not on SOUND.

The flat design of the K50-front speakers makes for a visually pleasant unobtrusive appearance. The trapezoidal shape of the K40T not only looks good, it also brings a tonal advantage for the surround sound.

The Movie 5.1 –  with minimum space requirements, excellent home theater sound and outstanding price-performance.  This makes it a real recommendation not only for beginners. In particular in its specialized field of film sound playback, the compact surround set plays big.

Atmospheric scenes dominated the thrilling as well as fast-paced action scenes, always paired with a crystal-clear dialogue reproduction.

Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 benefits

– Plated terminal screws

– Suitable for banana plugs

– Integrated wall bracket including spacers.

– Compact, living room-ready design

– Easy installation

– Excellent price-performance ratio

– Excellent surround sound playback


  • 3 x K50 LCR Speaker
  • 2 x K40T Surround speaker
  • Subwoofer of your choice
  • Power cord
  • Wall brackets
SPECIFICATIONS K50 Fronts K40T Rears Subwoofer
Frequency Range 100 – 20,000 Hz 100 – 20,000 Hz V8: 30 – 200 Hz
V10: 25 – 200 Hz
V12: 20 – 200 Hz
Crossover Frequency 1.8 Khz 2 kHz V8: 60 – 200 Hz (adjustable)
V10: 60 – 200 Hz (adjustable)
V12: 60 – 200 Hz (adjustable) (THX Mode)
Tweeter 1-inch, silk 1-inch, silk V8: N/A
V10: N/A
V12: N/A
Woofer 4-inch, fiberglass 4-inch, fiberglass V8: 8 inches
V10: 10 inches
V12: 12 inches
Connections Speaker cable terminals Speaker cable terminals V8: 1x mono / stereo RCA in
1x stereo RCA out
V10: 1x mono / stereo RCA in
1x stereo RCA out
V12: 1x mono / stereo RCA in
1x stereo RCA out
Principle / construction Closed Closed V8: Closed
V10: Closed
V12: Closed
Dimensions HxWxD 25 x 13 x 8.5 cm 19.5 x 20 x 12.2 cm V8: 34 x 26 x 29 cm
V10: 40.5 x 33 x 35 cm
V12: 46.5 x 36 x 40 cm
Weight 2.0 kg 2.9 kg V8: 11 kg
V10: 18 kg
V12: 22 kg
Finish Black Vinyl Black Vinyl V8: Black Vinyl
V10: Black Vinyl
V12: Black Vinyl

Sometimes we want to listen to our brand new audio setup without having to worry about dragging B&W up two flights of stairs - that's where we come in! Not only are our team experts in high quality AV equipment, they're also professional bodybuilders* who can deliver and install your new toys quickly and efficiently.

Our in-house team can service those in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Give us a call to get an obligation-free quote today!

*the term 'professional bodybuilders' is used here loosely...

Our refund policy operates in a 30-day window - after this time we are unable to accept the product and cannot issue a refund. Don't worry, our products are hand picked from thousands of luxury brands to ensure you are only offered the best of the best so we doubt you'll need to consider this policy at all. If you are concerned about making the wrong decision when it comes to your purchase, please feel free to talk with our team of experts who can advise you on equipment based on your personal music taste, aesthetics, and the layout of your listening room. Still not convinced? Discuss the possibility of a loan (trial period) with our experts and hear the difference yourself.

Our refund policy can be viewed here.

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