Heschl Hal 350

Heschl Hal 350

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Teamed with an exceptional build quality to create a truly dynamic amplifier. Working tirelessly to perfect the synergy to create a truly exception listening experience.

Packed with 350 watts per channel at 8 ohms ( 600 watts per channel – 4 ohms) there is more grunt than you will ever need. With a range of inputs including Aux (RCA), Optical, Coax and USB. Paired with the Bluetooth Remote Control App for use on your smart phone or tablet (iOS and android) you have everything at your fingertips.

Another key element which sets this amplifier apart from the rest is the integrated DAC. This approach eliminates any DAC miss-match which is a common flaw in many systems. As such the team have created a truly exceptional high-end amplifier which is unequaled in it’s field. Through simplicity of design and sophistication of execution, we have ensured every component has been optimised to deliver a ‘sound experience’.  It is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Hand made in Australia from quality components which were painstakingly sourced or if an acceptable component was unavailable we custom designed and manufactured it to our specifications. Quality is the centre of our design.

"In my opinion, Heschl Audio Labs deserves a standing ovation, and the tireless work devoted to making the HAL350 sound the way that it does should be celebrated."

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