DMS 500

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The DMS-500 Roon Ready Network Audio Player is a groundbreaking design that not only meets today’s digital streaming and file playback demands, considering the wide range of file formats and resolutions, but also looks to the future as well. It’s hard to call something future proof, but the DMS-500 is as close as it gets. The DMS-500 is fully MQA Certified, but unlike any other MQA product to date, the DMS-500 will playback any MQA sample rate up to 16x. This means despite the original sample rate of the MQA file, the MQA decoder will extrapolate the file to either a 705.6 or 768 kHz sampling rate for stunning realism and studio quality sound.  For non-MQA files, the DMS-500 can stream or playback native PCM files up to 32 bit 384 kHz (.WAV files up to 768 kHz), plus DSD 64, 128, 256, and 512. Connecting the DMS-500 to your wired or wireless home network opens up a new world of musical enjoyment like never before. Easily stream any files from any MAC or PC computer(s), NAS drives, and Internet Music Services like Spotify, TIDAL, and vTuner. The DMS-500 will transform your digital files effortlessly into beautiful analog rich music at a level you’ve come to expect from Cary Audio’s long history of renowned digital products and coveted analog circuitry. Using our proprietary TruBit™ PCM and DSD technology you can actually convert PCM to DSD 64, 128, 256, or upsample in PCM to one of 6 available rates up to 768 kHz at your choosing.

Additional features include Qualcomm aptX® lossless fi™Bluetooth, AirPlay, Coaxial (x2), Optical (x1), AES/EBU (x1) Digital inputs, Coaxial and Optical outputs, RCA and XLR fully balanced outputs, OSO™ Re-clocking, and a full 3-volt variable volume control for those that may prefer to forgo a conventional preamplifier and connect the DMS-500 directly to an amplifier.