Constellation Cygnus MkII

Constellation Cygnus MkII

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Constellation Cygnus MkII

This floor-standing speaker features a 3-way configuration. The T38 tweeter and a 130mm driver placed on the front of the speaker, while another 130mm driver is placed at the bottom as a subwoofer. This configuration allows the Cygnus an extension up to 50 Hz and a higher dynamic capacity. This is the result of the subwoofer placement in the lower part, reducing the workload of the front driver(s). The result is a significant increase in articulation and detail, and consequently a reduction in listening fatigue.
The emission angle of the tweeter is 60°, while the subwoofer driver is omnidirectional (360°). The angle of emission of the woofer placed on the front at 170 Hz , which is the point of intersection with the subwoofer, preserves the omni directionality, decreasing in proportion to the intersection with the tweeter.


The principle NRS exploits the proximity of the supporting surface and the structure of the speaker to increase the performance of the subwoofer . The frequencies emitted by the subwoofer using this principle lower distortion, since double efficiency is attained by halving the displacement of its membrane. The system applied to the Cygnus model is devoted entirely to reproduce frequencies between 50 and 170 Hz. As a result, NRS achieves double sound pressure (gain of 3dB) for the same distortion.


This loudspeaker is designed to produce excellent performance, even in normal domestic environments , where  little to no acoustic considerations have been made. The size of the ideal listening environment should not be less than than 6 square meters and not more than 18 square meters.

"It's something of a quiet achiever, with a subtle and beguiling character that's more likeable than many big brand designs at this price – indeed it really deserves a larger audience. Easy to drive, set up and live with, what's not to like at this price?"

- Read the full review by Stereonet here.

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