Brick Collection - Flat Panel VMT
Brick Collection - Flat Panel VMT

Brick Collection - Flat Panel VMT

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A revolutionary new product range for residential and commercial applications. Developed exclusively by Vicoustic, Flat Panel VMT is made from VicPET Wool - a material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles. With an innovative dyeing technology, Flat Panel VMT panels can simulate concrete, marble, wood and other materials, achieving an amazing and realistic look in any setting.

Flat Panel VMT panels are designed to perform primarily in the medium and high frequencies - a great solution for any commercial or residential application for treating both ceilings and walls.The applications for Flat Panel VMT are infinite, making it perfect for both new construction and refurbishment projects. Flat Panel VMT comes in 20mm and 40mm of thickness. Aesthetically, it comes in a wide range of patterns and can be fixed to any surface with several Vicoustic fixation solutions available.