Black 802 floorstanding speaker in empty white room
Rosewood 802 floorstanding speaker
Black gloss 802 floorstanding speaker
White matte 802 floorstanding speaker

802 D3 Floorstanding Speakers

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If you’re looking for stunning realism without the studio-sized footprint, the 802 D3 is the answer. It’s slim proportions make it a comfortable fit for both domestic spaces and recording environments. At home or in the studio, it will reveal depth and detail in music you never knew existed.The 802 D3 delivers pristine, high-performance sound in any environment. Its Diamond tweeter partners with a Continuum cone to ensure revealing natural sound that will leave you speechless.


The highest ranking prize from European consumer electronics magazines - the EISA Award 2016-2017 - was given to Bowers & Wilkins 803 D3. Click the image to visit the EISA website or click here.