4429 Studio Monitor

4429 Studio Monitor

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$10,900.00 AUD

The new JBL 4429 incorporates a number of important improvements over the 4425 and its successors. A UHF transducer, an improved HF compression driver and horn design, a new crossover network and improved internal bracing combine to give the 4429 an advantage in the naturalness, clarity and detail of its sound relative to previous models.

Effortlessly delivering the full bandwidth and dynamics of the newest digital media – without suppression at any listening level – the 4429 reveals subtleties you may never before have experienced in recorded music. Every detail of the design and construction of this system has been directed toward a single goal: uncompromised sonic performance.

Featuring a massive, 300mm (12-inch) woofer, and large HF and UHF compression drivers with a one-piece SonoGlass horn, the 4429 delivers quick, tight bass, a natural, well-focused midrange and clear, distinct highs to create listening experiences with all the richness and detail of the original performances.

1200FE-8 Low-Frequency Transducer
Featuring a 300mm (12-inch) pure-pulp cone woofer and large-aperture ferrite magnet and edge-wound aluminium voice-coil assembly, the 1200FE-8 driver delivers impressively deep, visceralbass that will not degrade at any volume level.

175Nd-3 High-Frequency Compression Driver
With a 50mm (1-3/4-inch) pure-titanium diaphragm, the 175Nd-3 compression driver produces extremely accurate midrange to high-frequency performance with minimal distortion and power compression for explosively realistic dynamics at all listening levels.

138Nd Ultrahigh-Frequency Compression Driver
A 19mm (3/4-inch) pure-titanium diaphragm produces realistic dynamics far beyond the range of human hearing, with ultrasmooth response that is ideal for SACD and other high-resolution audio formats.

SonoGlass HF and UHF Horns
Dense, mechanically inert high- and ultrahigh-frequency horns with extremely precise Bi-Radial horn flares eliminate horn resonances for clear, distortion-free sound.

  • Extremely rigid, heavily braced enclosures of 25mm (1-inch) MDF
  • Dual front-mounted ports provide optimal woofer tuning for extended bass response and permit speaker to be placed against a wall
  • Continuously variable MF and HF attenuators let users tailer driver output to suit room acoustics of personal preference
  • Bi-wire capability for use with multiple amplifiers and speaker-wire sets
  • Walnut veneer with polyurethane topcoat and blue baffle and grille continue the classic JBL studio-monitor look