Model C

Steinway Lyngdorf Model C

The Model C offers a more intimate—but no less awe-inspiring—sound experience than the Model D. The formula is simple: take the legendary Model D with its floor-standing dipole speakers, then scale down the footprint and add best-in-breed boundary woofers. The result is an attention-grabbing statement system that sets a new standard for full-bodied bass reproduction.

The Model C’s compact, floor-standing dipole design emits equal, natural sound from both sides of the cabinet—forward and backward. Thus it produces sound that interacts with the room much like a live musical instrument, creating audio that can’t be compared and a statement that can’t be ignored. 


The proprietary boundary woofer concept was developed as a freestanding addition to the Model C speaker to manage bass tones and play with the environment, not against it. With the use of boundary woofers, direct sound and reflections from the environment arrive at the listening point at exactly the same time, thus improving sound attack and timing. This makes the Model C series an ideal choice for those who seek the live dipole sound but demand a deeper base for home cinema and bass-heavy music genres. 


When clarity is at stake, there is no substitute for a fully digital system. The Model C speaker has a built-in fully digital amplifier to eliminate the problem of sound deterioration resulting from a broken signal path in analog-to-digital conversions. The amplifier drives both the Model C speaker and its accompanying boundary woofers to produce an exquisite listening experience—the purest and most true-to-life you’ve ever heard.

The deluxe Steinway Lyngdorf remote control, for Steinway & Sons stereo and surround sound systems, is a statement-making masterpiece of precision machining. This art-quality remote is elegance you can touch, integrity you can feel. It features a rotating wheel crafted from solid, gold-plated, or chrome-plated brass and mounted on precision-machined Swiss bearings to provide intuitive and total command of your system.