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The core of your system

Stream everything. Connect anything. Linn's network music players are flexible and future-proof. From high-res albums to movie soundtracks: it's all at your fingertips. Welcome to high-performance music streaming.

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Majik DSM Integrated

Selekt DSM Integrated

Selekt DSM Integrated Katalyst

One box does it all - just add speakers

The powerful combination of a network music player, pre-amp and power amp, in-built phonostage and internal HDMI switcher.

With Majik DSM at the heart of all your home entertainment you’ll get the best possible sound from everything you listen to, in one room or many.


Stereo Configuration

All-in-one standalone streamer and integrated amplifier that’s one step above the Majik DSM in audio performance (surround sound is extra).

Selekt DSM will reveal new layers of beauty in your music and revolutionise your interaction with digital music. The jewel-like dial glows with anticipation as you approach and turns with watch-like precision.


Stereo Configuration

Fitted with Linn’s Katalyst DAC, this version offers the next level of audio performance over the standard Selekt DSM Integrated (surround sound extra).

The optional Katalyst DAC achieves unprecedented translation, reproducing digital sources with greater precision and less distortion than ever before, revealing new insight into your music collection.


$4700 with Trade In* $7900 with Trade In*  $9900 with Trade In*