S-15 Speaker
S-15 Speaker
S-15 Speaker

S-15 Speaker

Steinway Lyngdorf
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The S-15 speaker, in all its simplicity, consists of very few elements:

  • A solid aluminum back and cabinet
  • Rubber strings suggesting the iconic Steinway pianos that inspire Steinway Lyngdorf designs.
  • A midrange speaker and AMT Tweeter
  • A solid aluminum front

These are bolted together to create a dense, solid, incredibly inert speaker ready to withstand the rigors of extremely high outputs.

The performance of the Model S series is nothing short of extraordinary. The reason is partly due to the innovative design of the Steinway & Sons S-15 speaker. Because the S-15 relegates bass duties to boundary woofers, it reproduces only high and midrange frequencies, and it does both with incredible volume capabilities and zero distortion. Its legendary performance makes it a perfect match for small and medium-sized high-performance home theaters.