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The Sekrit DSM has 4 DAC channels and 4 Power Amplifiers. These amplifiers can be configured in single ended mode or bridged mode. All speaker outputs (and Analogue Output) share the same common Volume control. Connections to the speakers are made via Neutrik Speakon connectors, NL4FX. The single ended mode is best suited to bi-amping a pair of passive speakers or for driving multiple pairs of loudspeakers – bridged mode is best suited to driving a single pair of loudspeakers.

Sekrit DSM can be installed alongside any Linn DS player on the network. Linn’s Songcast software lets you play the same thing in any room or something different everywhere – share audio from the network – stored music, internet radio, or anything you can play on a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can also share audio from connected sources, such as a TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, or even a turntable, anywhere in the home.

The incredible flexibility of Linn DS Multiroom means that you can build your music system around your life as your needs change. Add rooms or upgrade performance over time, improving the sound quality of individual rooms or taking advantage of the elegant styling of more visible Linn components.