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Synthesis electronic components employ the most advanced signal processors, equalizers and amplifiers to create the most realistic listening experience possible – in rooms of any size. Intelligent THX®-certified surround sound processors automatically configure themselves to optimize the impact of any CD, DVD or satellite signal. JBL’s patented Logic 7® matrixing system uses proprietary digital algorithms to improve the accuracy and timing of the signals arriving at center channel and surround sound speakers, creating a larger, more nearly perfect 360-degree soundscape. SDEC digital equalization, tuned on site by an audio expert, precisely calibrates your system’s frequency response for the acoustical realities of your listening area. And high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifiers ensure faithful reproduction of both explosive special effects and ethereal musical interludes.

Factory Calibration Services

The factory authorized calibration service charge offered to dealers by JBL Synthesis includes the following services:

  1. Calibrated system will meet or exceed the SMPTE specifications for frequency response.
  2. All calibrations are performed using the Harman Audio Test System (HATS) Acoustical Calibration System.
  3. Each calibrated system receives a placard suitable for wall hanging as a Certified JBL Synthesis Calibrated Theatre.

System Design & Custom Configuration

High Performance Audio/Video (HPAV) works in partnership with JBL Synthesis dealers to simplify the system specification process. The same sales and field services specialists that have designed systems for the top music and movie professionals will customize your very own system quote. This value-added service is offered to JBL Synthesis dealers to assure the fine tuning of system configurations for the best possible result

Contact us to find out which JBL system will suit your needs. Trimira offers a complete design, installation and programming service.

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