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We don’t make ordinary speakers. You won’t find any conventional boxy designs in our line-up, not for any stylistic or superficial aesthetic reasons, but purely and simply because we believe there’s a better way.

For over 20 years the Gallo name has been synonymous with spherical loudspeaker design. Our acclaimed products are designed around spheres, thus eliminating resonance and internal diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion.

Quite simply, we produce the world’s finest compact speaker systems, blending real hi-fi performance with contemporary industrial design, wrapped up in an installation and decor-friendly package – guaranteed to deliver exceptional, expansive sound to spaces large and small.


Spherical Design: Since our inception our trademark has been the use of a spherical enclosures in our speaker designs. The Nucleus Solo, our first loudspeaker design, began as a solid aluminum disc which was then spun into a hollow 12″ ball. The spheres were then placed in an electrolytic bath, which formed a hard shell that actually bonded to the metal. This anodising process give our enclosures the mechanical properties of a ceramic, one of the most acoustically inert materials on earth. This combination of spherical geometry and anodised aluminum construction made this enclosure virtually free of resonance and diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion. Similarly, the properties of heat-treated and powder-coated steel give our smaller, 4″ Micro and 5″ A’Diva loudspeakers the same enclosure characteristics.

“S2 technology extends low frequency response two full octaves lower
than would otherwise be possible in relation to the speaker’s size”

S2 Technology: Employed in all of our loudspeaker products, our proprietary S2 technology extends low frequency response two full octaves lower than would otherwise be possible in relation to the speaker’s size. S2 technology improves ‘Volumetric Efficiency’ – in other words, how the speaker’s drivers perceive the size of their enclosure. Normally a speaker’s volumetric efficiency is between 1 and 2, our S2 technology gives us a rating of 10. This means that our speakers operate as if their enclosure was 10 times its actual size.

CDT: Our patented CDT technology, as employed in our Strada 2 model, is made up of a diaphragm membrane made of Kynar™, a cutting edge aerospace plastic. This diaphragm is then coated with pure silver because of its high conductivity and reliability, next we silver solder high quality, oxygen-free copper wires to each end of the diaphragm. Finally, the diaphragm assembly is tightly wrapped around a rigid polypropylene core. This inner core acts as attenuation for the driver’s back-wave. Unlike conventional drivers, the CDT doesn’t use voice coils or magnets, instead the signal is passed across the conductive surface of the diaphragm, which attempts to expand, while the shape of the driver supplies the necessary restorative forces.

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