PS-1230 Clean Power Supply
PS-1230 Clean Power Supply
PS-1230 Clean Power Supply
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PS-1230 Clean Power Supply

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PS-1230 Clean Power Supply

Every audio component draws all of its energy from the power supply which in turn is connected to the AC power grid. The Clean Power Supply components from Accuphase are products that remove noise and impurities from the AC power line through a groundbreaking new approach, resulting in a drastic improvement of the sound and picture quality of connected audio and video equipment. Without relying on an oscillator, the reference waveform is created with further improved accuracy and is linked to the power section by a balanced connection to ensure incredibly low distortion in the output waveform. Because the PS-1230 can deliver as much as 1200 VA (1000 VA), it covers the requirements of almost any high-quality A/V system currently on the market.

  • AC voltage stabilizer based on waveform shaping technology
  • Acts as a source of extremely clean energy
  • Low-distortion reference waveform generator
  • Highly effective waveform compensation
  • Outstanding current capability
  • Superb interference rejection
  • Built-in meter for monitoring vital parameters including output power, input/output voltage, and input/output distortion
  • Advanced protection features
  • Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer



  120 V version 230 V version
Rated output capacity
1000 VA (continuous) 1200 VA (continuous)
Rated output voltage
120 V AC ± 1.5 V 230 V AC ±3.0 V
Rated output current
8.3 A 5.2 A
Output Frequency
50 Hz or 60 Hz (identical to input frequency)
Instantaneous peak current capacity
160 A 80 A
Output waveform THD 0.08% or less
Input voltage range
120 V AC ±10% 230 V AC ±10%
Input frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
No-load power consumption
39W 50W
Cooling principle Natural air cooling


0-1200 VA

Meter function selector LEDs flash 
when overload occurs

VOLTAGE INPUT/OUTPUT (green zone of scale)

120 V AC ±5% 230 V AC ±5%


Display cycles automatically from VOLT-AMPERE to DISTORTION OUTPUT, showing each mode for 5 seconds
Maximum Dimensions

Width 465 mm (18-5/16")

Height 243.4 mm (9-9/16")

Depth 500.2 mm (19-11/16")



41.7 kg (92.0 lbs.) net

51.0 kg (112.4 lbs.) in shipping carton

Supplied Accessory 
  • AC power cord



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